DVD: Stranger than fiction (2006)

I just watched Stranger than fiction on DVD. Great movie. It does a lot with its fantastic premise without losing sight of character development. Will Farell is convincing enough in a "serious" role and Emma Tompson and Dustin Hoffman tone it down; so they don't distract from the movie too much.

Tip: I'm usually not too much of a sucker for extras, but this DVD's "deleted scenes" contain good improv material and scenes that actually give the movie more depth.

Paul McCartney on YouTube

I've recently found out that Paul McCartney even has an official YouTube presence. Among other things, it features two recent videos of his (see below). Impressive that after all those years, his music still feels fresh (compare this to Stevie Wonder or Prince, whose music has disappointed me for quite a while now).

"Dance tonight": Directed by Michael Gondry, stars Natalie Portman!

"Ever present past".


Still no Java 6 on Mac OS X

This is getting annoying. I don't mind waiting; what I don't understand is that Apple does not tell the outside world anything at all about their Java plans. If you are a Mac user and want Java 6, then you should read Henry Story's blog post about 2 ways we can do something about it.
Ah, I forgot: 13949712720901ForOSX