Firefox tags and parent folders

For version 3.0, Firefox got a new SQLite-based bookmarks mangement. While I'm sad that they completely dropped RDF (even prior to that, it was used in strange ways), the new system is cool, especially how tags are handled—each tag is a folder (in a backup to a JSON file, the folder contents are even stored redundantly). This makes bookmark management really simple:
  • Show all bookmarks with a given tag: look at the contents of the tag folder. Wish: a “child counter” in the folder title so that one does not have to open the folder to see how many bookmarks are in it.
  • Remove a tag: remove the tag folder.
  • Merge two tags: move all bookmarks from one tag folder to another; Firefox makes sure that there are no duplicates.
With tags, the inadequate handling of parent folders in Firefox becomes a problem: If a bookmark shows up in a tag folder or in search results, one cannot get to its parent (even though every bookmark has exactly one parent). Thus, its surroundings, where it is stored, are inaccessible. Fortunately, there are two extensions that help: I think it's time that Firefox made this standard functionality.