Movie: Ink (2009)

Ink [itunes.com] is a fantasy movie that deals with what happens to you once you are dead and with angel-like and demon-like creatures. Those creatures invisibly follow people around and influence them in subtle ways.
The cover gave me the impression that it is an animated movie, but that is not the case, it is live-action. It looks good, with fitting special effects, but its visuals are different from those of Hollywood movies (maybe it wasn’t artificially lit). This takes a little bit to get used to and then is a non-issue. The dialog is also good and not cheesy (not a given for fantasy movies). Example: When a woman tells a girl the slightly cliché empowering slogan “you are a lioness”, the kid answers: “You’re full of it.” Verdict: slow-paced, touching fantasy movie with a good script, good acting (especially the girl), and good visuals.

Update 2011-01-10: Terminally Incoherent has background on how long it took to get this movie distributed. Surprisingly, it was saved by piracy.