What Dollhouse Season 3 would have been like

Ah, Dollhouse [uk]. This show got a lot of hype even before it aired, because Joss Whedon has so many fans. Season 1 started with a string of terrible episodes and then got continually better. Season 2 followed a similar pattern, but its initial episodes were not as bad and its final episodes were great. Don’t forget to watch “Epitaph One” (S1E13) and “Epitaph Two: Return” (S2E13) and watch the former before the latter. Now series writer Tim Minear lets us know what season 3 would have been like:
[...] I think what you would have seen in Season Three is [a series] a lot more embracing of its mythology and turned into more of a superhero show. It would have been a little bit more like Buffy in some ways. [Source: Spinoff Online]