Wish: manual rotation for the iPad

Right now, we have the following two options on the iPad:
  1. Auto-rotation, triggered by the gyroscope (gravity sensor): is fickle, but quick and easy to understand.
  2. Screen rotation lock: If you want to change the orientation, you have to unlock, ensure that the gyroscope notices the new orientation and then lock again.
How about a third option: Manually tell the iPad to change its orientation. This could be added to (2), e.g. via a gesture. The gyroscope-less iPod nano already works like this. Benefits:
  • Newcomers are often intimidated by auto-rotation. Manual orientation setting might help them.
  • It would make the iPad ready for zero gravity. How else are you going to change the iPad’s orientation if you are an astronaut in outer space?
This post has been partly inspired by Marco Arment’s post on “hot zones”.