Apple survey hints at MacBooks with built-in 3G and more

For years now, Apple has lagged behind other notebook manufacturers regarding built-in 3G. It reduces the subjective portability of a notebook if you need a stick or a cell phone to go online via 3G. Thankfully, AppleInsider mentions an Apple customer survey for MacBook Air (MBA) owners that hints that 3G might make it into MacBooks. Additionally, Apple asked the following questions (paraphrased).
  • What would you change to make your MacBook Air your primary Mac?
  • How do you sync data (DropBox etc.)?
  • How do you download apps?
  • How often do you use both USB ports?
  • How often do you use the Mini DisplayPort?
  • How often do you use the function keys (brightness, volume, etc.)?
  • If you own both iPad and MBA: Why? Given certain activities, which of the two devices do you prefer to use?
For more details consult the article on AppleInsider.