Next in social networking: reputation?

The post “Quora vs. StackExchange” argues that reputation is the next big thing in social networking.
Recently, many “question and answer” sites have come into existence, for example Stack Overflow (for programming) and Quora (many topics). Quoting from the post:
The identity wars are already over. Facebook won, Twitter snagged the silver medal, and OpenID lost. Log In With Facebook and their associated Open Graph have succeeded so thoroughly that Facebook increasingly defines users’ online identities across a whole panoply of sites. But who will define and codify our online reputations? That’s a question whose answer will matter – a lot.
How would online reputations work? Stack Overflow provides us with a glimpse: Its community gives you points for your questions and your answers. Combined, the points constitute your Stack Overflow reputation. This reputation can have real-world effects. Quoting again:
Having a high Stack Overflow reputation is a definite plus, in the software world. I’ve seen it featured on resumes, and it influences hiring decisions.