Soon from Apple: Light Peak and data over the power cord

Two things are rumored to come “soon” from Apple.
  1. According to a rumor, Apple will use Light Peak [1] soon. Possibly soon enough for the imminent upgrade of the MacBooks (next Thursday?). It is high time, Mac users are still stuck with USB2 to connect to external mass storage devices ([1] compares USB2 to other connectors).
  2. Apple has patented using a computer’s power cord to also transmit data. The idea has been around for a while. What’s new is that this technology would carry enough power for a notebook and that it would use the robust MagSafe connectors. This patent jibes with my first prediction at [1]. It would allow Apple to build superior docking stations, as a single connector would give your notebook everything: power, keyboard, mouse, display, sound, network.
Note that (1) and (2) might be one and the same. That is, Light Peak might be the standard used to transport data for (2).

  • Engadget comments on the CNET article that is the source of point (1), above: “[...] we're pretty sure the publication has an inside source. The very same reporter wrote that Light Peak would be downgraded to copper [2], a full month before Intel would admit anything of the sort.”
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