Fringe: prequel comics and “Green Lantern” in the alternate universe

Cool: Fringe wanted to show comics in the alternate universe that were different from ours. And they asked DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.) to draw covers for them. DC Comics also publishes a Fringe prequel comic mini-series. Picture and links after the break.
Quote from DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns:
One of the first calls I got was from the director of the Fringe season finale – writer/producer/director Akiva Goldsman. He was shooting a scene in an alternate world where things weren’t exactly like ours. Where even the smallest details were somewhat off. Including the comics. Together with executive producer Jeff Pinker, Akiva wanted to showcase an array of DC Comics that could’ve been including the ones you can see below. He wanted them to be as authentic as possible. Something only the hardcore would really recognize. [1]
Side-by-side comparison: This universe has Green Lantern and Green Arrow. The alternate universe has Red Lantern and Red Arrow. See the remaining covers at [2].

Fringe’s good connections to DC might have stemmed from the fact that they publish a Fringe prequel mini-series [3]. That series leads up to the pilot and shows, among other things, Walter Bishop and William Bell working together in the 1970s. These comics are also available digitally (e.g. via DC’s iPad app).
  1. Geoff Johns and Hank Kanalz on last night’s FRINGE alternate universe covers
  2. Fringe’s Awesome Alternate Universe Comic Covers, Side-by-Side with the Originals
  3. Fringe (Wildstorm comic book) - 7 issues