Fringe: safe for now, actors’ input on roles

Two tidbits from a interview with John Noble (Walter) and Jasika Nicole (Astrid):
  • Fringe will stay on the air for the foreseeable future. Quoting Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly: “If these people can maintain 1.5 (ratings) points, then they’re not going anywhere.”
  • Fringe actors give input on their roles and are listened to:
    “If it’s something that doesn’t make sense for Walter, I get a bit edgy about that, and send long e-mails down to Los Angeles,” Noble said. (The show is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.) “At the beginning of the year, I said, ‘Walternate should have a mistress,’” he continued. “And they gave me one!”
John Noble and Jasika Nicole (photo by Andre Tan) [via Spinoff Online]