Movie: Everybody’s fine (2009)

Everybody’s fine” [amazon.com, itunes.com, amazon.uk] is a quiet, emotionally satisfying drama. It has many small twists that keep things interesting and – thankfully – are not contrived. Most of the film is a little depressing, but things get better later on.
The observations it makes about 30-somethings communicating with their parents ring true to me; Honest conversations don’t come easily. One daughter asks the question whether the father ever had ambitions of his own. The answer is revealing. I also liked how they visualized the way the father sees his children.
Robert De Niro gives a great understated performance, aptly supported by the actors portraying his children. There are two Brits pretending to be Americans: The beautiful Kate Beckinsale and James Frain. [Source of movie cover: Amazon]