What keeps me from switching from Firefox to Chrome

It feels like Firefox has lost some of its edge. Conversely, Chrome seems to move faster [1]. My main complaint about Firefox is that it still doesn’t have per-tab processes (they are working on them, under the name Electrolysis). Chrome has them and generally feels more responsive; Safari will get them soon [1]. But, until Chrome provides the following two features, I will stick with Firefox.
  1. Vertical tabs [3]: I cannot live without them any more. They are the only way to have multiple tabs open while keeping their titles readable. Vertical tabs also make better use of the horizontal space available on widescreen displays.
  2. Bookmark management: is weak on Chrome.
    • Bookmark separators: Chrome does not have separators. Vote for the issue if you care. I’ve posted a clumsy work-around [4].
    • Bookmark sidebar: Firefox can show its bookmarks in a sidebar which is useful when examining many bookmarks. Chrome would only need to support horizontally splitting of the current window to show two pages at the same time (one of them would be the bookmarks pseudo-page).
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Are you considering switching, but don’t? If yes, what keeps you on Firefox?