Movie: Beautiful girls (1996)

Picture by Amazon
Beautiful girls” [amazon.com]. Cute little movie. Contains many acute observations about the dynamics of relationships. And about dreams and ideals versus reality and what actually makes us happy. The cast is great, with Natalie Portman actually looking the age of the part (which is important for the role), Michael Rapaport, Matt Dilon, Uma Thurman, and several others. This movie does not feel dated at all, it only slightly shows its age when the discussion turns to supermodels (which were a big phenomenon in the 1990s).

After you have watched it: Fun how Uma blows off each one of the three male protagonists and becomes kind of a symbol for unfulfilled dreams. The photo on the poster hints at that fact, by surrounding her with the guys. Rapaport and Portman are the stand-out performances of the movie.