New Honeycomb tablet from Lenovo this summer, with optional stylus and trackpad keyboard

This is my next has published a rumor about Lenovo bringing out a tablet this summer [1]. Noteworthy:
  • Typical high-end Android Honeycomb tablet, 10.1" screen.
  • Optional stylus. Interesting and useful. Seems like the screen explicitly supports styli, as opposed to the iPad, where such support has been added after the fact, by third parties [2]. Lenovo could get such a screen from N-Trig [3] which said in February that several Android tablets would be using their technology this summer.
  • Accessory: keyboard shell. Most intriguing aspect: it has a trackpad. This could greatly increase the usability when using the tablet in keyboard mode [4].
  • Availability: “it’s targeted for an August launch, but there are also a few mentions of July.” [1]
The Lenovo tablet being inserted into the optional keyboard shell [source: This is my next].
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