TV: Alphas

Zak Penn, Ira Steven Behr And David Strathairn Talk Alphas” is a report by Bryan J. Daggett for Spinoff Online on a session at Comic-Con 2011. Quote:
The series follows five people with extraordinary mental and physical abilities – the “Alphas” of the title — who, under the direction of Dr. Lee Rosen (Strathairn), investigate cases that suggest the involvement of other Alphas and uncover what the CIA, FBI and Pentagon have been unable to solve.

A great deal of scientific research went into the development of the series to ensure there’s a real-world basis for each of the abilities demonstrated by the characters. ... The producers went so far as to enlist scientific advisers and to put some of the actors through special training for their roles.
The massive amount of research also extended to fleshing out the relationship between the Alpha team and the United States government.

As a geek, I have to admire Strathairn’s influences for his interpretation of his role:
Strathairn ... revealed that for his portrayal of Rosen, he drew from figures like Richard Feyman, Oliver Sacks and Werner Herzog. “If I could honor any one of them in this performance, I’d be happy,” he said.
I love TV shows that are thoroughly plotted and researched, so this could be good, especially with competent people behind and in front of the camera (Strathairn and many cool cameos of genre favorites). Alphas can already be watched in the US, on Syfy.