Eight words not to use in your Twitter bio

The post “8 Words That Should Never Appear in Your Twitter Bio” contains good ideas. The two words that I agree with most are:
  • Workaholic. I suppose the intent is to say, “My nose is to the grindstone 24/7.” If you really do work that much, describe the successes all that effort produced instead. “Workaholic” has negative connotations and implies tremendous effort without tangible results. Potential customers don’t care how much you work — they care about what you get done.
  • Guru. Forget the explanation; I just hate this one. (If you respond positively to “guru,” I would love to know why.) I also hate “sage,” “connoisseur,” “guerilla,” “whiz,” “ninja,” and other allegedly clever descriptors. Don’t be clever for clever’s sake.
The author also gives positive advice:
Here’s what catches my eye: Plain language without hyperbole, exaggeration, or fluff.