Why do people queue up to buy the iPhone 4S?

The Gadget Blog has surveyed people standing in line for the iPhone 4S at the London Regent Street Apple Store [via MacRumors]. Interesting findings:
  • Reason for showing up:
    • 18% to be there.
    • 11% are die hard Mac fans
    • 11% can’t admit why
    • 53% missed pre-orders
  • Thoughts about the iPhone 4S:
    • 57% would rather have an iPhone 5. [Translation: they would have liked a redesigned exteriro.]
    • 33% thought Siri was a gimmick
    • 56% are tempted to move to Android. [Good news for Google: they would not rule out trying Android.]
The “18% to be there” stand out. With everything become more decentralized in the modern world, people still crave unifying events. Apparently, queuing up is such an event. Don’t forget that people do it for other occasions, too (Star Wars Episode I comes to mind).

Check out the remaining information at the Gadget Blog, they even counted how many men had beards (stupid nerd clichés...). It looks like the iPhone 4 women were replaced by iPhone 4S men without beards.