Siri versus Google Voice Actions

Quoting “Head To Head: Siri Vs. Google Voice Actions” by Greg Sterling for Search Engine Land:
The introduction of Siri as a marquee feature on the iPhone will change the way people interact with their phones and how competitors are forced to respond. Google, with its already powerful voice assets, doesn’t have far to go to match or nearly match Siri’s capabilities. Microsoft also has formidable speech assets but there’s nothing like Siri or Google Voice Actions on Windows Phones currently. RIM will be compelled to develop something comparable or be left further behind.
Note: Siri does more than Google Voice Actions. For example, GVA does not let you create calendar entries or alarms. But for searches, initiating calls, and dictation, they are comparable. Google will have some catching up to do with regard to Siri’s conversational capabilities and attractive packaging. But it is interesting that the gap is not that wide.

Voice input has a lot of potential, for example for remote control and as an assistive technology. It complements traditional input methods (keyboard, pointer, touch) nicely: Each is good at something else.