Movie titles and lines in JavaScript

Tweets marked with the hashtag #MovieLinesInCode express a movie line or title in programming language code. This post gives some examples in JavaScript; most of them are paraphrased from the blog post “Best of #MovieLinesInCode” by Arialdo Martini [link via Michael Haszprunar].

@johnnypixel, paraphrased:

    var apocalypse = Date.now();
        <head><meta name="Author" content="Schindler"></head>
@adomas_s, paraphrased:
    setTimeout(wakeUpInHospital, 60*60*24*28)
@andybolton, paraphrased:
    do {
        var today = new Date("Feb 2, 06:00");
    } while (true);
@einarwh, paraphrased:
    var gigawatts = 1.21;
@chrismdp, paraphrased:
    to(1/0 && 1/0 + 1)
@rauschma, inspired by an idea of @tomsulston’s:
    "use theforce";
    deadPeople.visible = true;
    dumb && ++dumb
    new Dream(new Dream(new Dream(new Dream())));
@rauschma, inspired by an idea of @qwghlm’s:
    var name = { first: "James", last: "Bond" };
    "last, first last".replace(/[a-z]+/g, function (x) {
        return name[x];
    while (false) {
        say("never again");
    while(you.sleeping()) { }