Try out a webOS app online

You can try out Philippe Charrière’s webOS app “GitHub Connect” online.

Getting started:

  • Requirement: A WebKit-based browser (Chrome, Safari, most mobile browsers). So Firefox and Internet Explorer won’t work properly.
  • Go to www.k33g.org/githubconnect/.
  • Enter a user name, click on “Get users”.

Things of note:

  • I like how easy it is to manipulate the columns. Reminds me of the iPad Twitter client.
  • The app is based on the webOS Enyo framework. It was written on a Mac, with WebStorm and initially targeted the HP TouchPad.
  • Thanks to Enyo, the app adapts well to resizing the window, even to phone-size dimensions.
  • It works very well on an iPad and gives you a realistic impression of what webOS is like. After all, webOS apps are run in almost the same environment.
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