The journalism-industrial complex in Silicon Valley

Quoting “Hit men, click whores, and paid apologists: Welcome to the Silicon Cesspool” by Dan Lyons:
Anyway — Path comes under fire [via a critical article by Nick Bilton], and guess who rides to the rescue? Michael Arrington, who runs CrunchFund, an investor in Path, launches a blistering critique of Bilton himself, comparing him to a pit bull who attacks a dog that is already lying on its back, defenseless, saying that Bilton’s column was “a safe way to do business, but not very noble.”

Almost before you could stop throwing up in your mouth at the idea of Michael Arrington accusing a Times journalist of being less than noble, Arrington’s partner at CrunchFund, MG Siegler, weighed in with his own attack in which he basically said Bilton is a nice guy who was either too lazy or too busy to do a good job.

Loosely reminiscent of the military–industrial complex.