Season guide: “Star Trek: Enterprise” S3

The first two seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise were disappointing. The arc of the Temporal Cold War simply failed to engage me emotionally. All that changed with season 3 that largely dispensed with that arc and turned in a nicely plotted serialized story. Even though it is almost 10 years old, it is still fun to watch and reminded me of how much I miss having space-borne sci-fi on TV.

Two episodes you can easily skip:

  • 3. Extinction: The usual “bodies transform quickly and must be saved in time” story. Not terribly interesting, moves slowly.
  • 17. Hatchery: Boring, you quickly see where things will head.
A few observations (minor spoilers):
  • The more serialized format works really well for the show, seeing larger themes play out is more enjoyable than being confronted with a “strange phenomenon of the week”.
  • The species on display sometimes reminded me of Star Wars.
  • This season has some of very clever saves and resurrections. One knows that they are going to happen – no harm will ever come to regulars, not on Star Trek. But how they happen is surprising.