Firefly – the animated series?

At New York Comic-Con, there was a panel for Joss Whedon’s space western Firefly. The show was canceled on TV in 2003 and followed up by a movie in 2005. Actor Nathan Fillion was asked the usual “Will there be more Firefly?” question. He answered: “If we’re dreaming, tell me what you think about this: ‘Firefly – the animated series’.” After the panel, Sean Maher provided more information. Quoting ”‘Firefly’ cartoon in the works?“ (by Kate Storey for the New York Post):
Sean Maher told The Post, “I know somebody who is actually trying to get that done, who has approached Joss [Whedon, the creator] about it. He used to work with Guillermo del Toro.”
Earlier, Fillion mentioned that the logistics of doing an animated series are simpler, because voiceover is much less work for the stars and they can telecommute.

At the panel, it was heartwarming to see how close the actors still were. For example, they see each other every few months.