Daylight savings time

A few days ago, daylight savings time (DST) ended again in Germany (we call it Sommerzeit, literally “summer time”). Changing the time twice a year is a silly thing to do – it brings few savings and quite a bit of cost and inconvenience. The Pirate Party has now started a European initiative (page in German) for abolishing DST. The complicated thing in Europe is that all states have to participate, otherwise changing regulations does not make sense.

Dirk Haage pointed me to a nice visualization of daylight savings time. The visualization makes it obvious how we should change time – we should always have DST. I’d rather have slightly longer afternoons than early mornings. As a complementary measure, schools could start later. There is even evidence (page in German) that starting at 8 o’clock is too early for children (it certainly is for parents).