JavaScript inheritance: beyond the basics (video)

The video recording of my JSConf EU talk “JavaScript inheritance: beyond the basics” is online (you can also download the slides). Outline:
  • JavaScript inheritance basics
  • Object exemplars
  • ECMAScript 6 classes
  • Super-references
  • __proto__
I was lucky: because of a storm, the location of the second (parallel) track couldn’t be used for a while, eliminating my competition. Thus, people had nowhere else to go and the room was packed. In the talk, you can see me being surprised about how few people knew about property descriptors. If you want to read up on what they are and how they work, consult my blog post “Object properties in JavaScript”.

You can see that a lot of work went into making this video, it has been produced very professionally: the opening looks and sounds nice, the mic is great (and makes me look like a motivational speaker) and the slides have been inserted perfectly into the video. I’m really thankful that JSConf EU makes such professionally produced content available for free.