I’m the new JavaScript Weekly editor

Update 2014-04-11: I stepped down as editor of JavaScript Weekly, I had a fun 15 months, but now need to focus on Ecmanauten, my company that provides all kinds of JavaScript training.

JavaScript Weekly (JSW) is a popular JavaScript email newsletter. It is reaching 35,000 subscribers and published by Cooper Press (along with several other developer-related newsletters). Peter Cooper, its creator and editor, has hinted at passing the torch to a mysterious new editor for a while. We can now finally reveal who it is: Starting with this Friday’s (Dec 7) issue, I’ll edit JSW. Peter will remain active in the background, doing quality control, suggesting links, etc. But most of the editorial work will be done by me.

I’ve always been a fan of the format and have recommended it to everyone interested in JavaScript: With the rampant information overload these days, having curated content is important. Peter brought a level of polish and precision to this publication that made it a pleasure to read and that I’ll hopefully maintain. An email newsletter might seem old school, but it works very well. If you don’t have time to follow blogs, feeds, Twitter, etc. during the week, JavaScript Weekly allows you to catch up over the weekend. You can be sure that you haven’t missed anything important in the JavaScript world. Thus: if you haven’t subscribed yet, do so now – it’s free.

Therefore, this new role suits me well. I’ll be contributing to something I already like and I am following JavaScript news, anyway (though JSW makes me even more aware of how much stuff is out there). With regard to my blog, 2ality, nothing changes: I’ll keep writing it and am very happy with an ever increasing, smart readership (as evidenced by the informative comments everywhere). If you like its content, consider supporting it via a sponsored blog post.