“Skyfall” plot holes

The latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall” was widely liked by critics and audiences. I left the movie a bit unsatisfied. There were also three plot holes that bothered me. All three have easy fixes.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead.]

The plot holes:

  1. Plot hole: Q examines Silva’s laptop, plugs in a network cable and the software on the laptop is able to infect the MI6 network via that cable. Not taking precautions against such an attack is amateurish.

    Fix: Invent a different way in which the laptop compromises the network, e.g. wirelessly.

  2. Plot hole: Going to Skyfall already seemed under-explained. But why didn’t they come a little better prepared – they had ample time to do so. Yes, Kincaid sold the armory, but why not bring a few MI6 gadgets?

    Fix: Invent an incident that prevents them from going somewhere else and from preparing.

  3. Plot hole: Silva sees M and Kincaid because they are using flashlights in the darkness. That is a rookie mistake that an intelligence professional such as M would never make.

    Fix: Let Kincaid make the mistake, to be corrected by M, but only after it’s already too late. Or let something go off accidentally.

I found it difficult to invest in “Skyfall” emotionally, which didn’t happen with, say, the Bourne movies. Especially Bond’s interaction with Eve didn’t fully make sense to me. Was he supposed to be charming? Teasing? It didn’t feel that way. I think the problem wasn’t the acting, it was the dialog.