The Edge 2013 videos are online

Edge 2013 was a web development conference that took place on February 9, 2013, in London. Its approach was different from most conferences. Quoting the website:
Edge is a different kind of conference, for developers with experience to share, who want to see and bring improvements to the web platform. Our emphasis is on creating a good environment for productive debate and discussion, rather than presenting the experiences of a single speaker.

Each themed session is an hour long, and starts with a maximum 10 minute talk by an expert in that topic, outlining the current state of the platform in that area. [...] The remainder of the session will be given over to an open but structured discussion, with a professional moderator and a panel of seasoned developers who have in-depth knowledge of the subject. [...]

Session participants will include [...] a notetaker to record the discussion so we can share it on the web later.

Now the videos are online:
  1. Panel 1: Offline
    Keywords: App Cache, Web Storage, Quota API, Filesystem API
  2. Panel 2: Network
    Keywords: Net-info API, Websockets, Navigation timing, Closure compiler, UglifyJS, Build tools
  3. Panel 3: Performance
    Keywords: Web workers, Performance timeline, Memory management, TreeWalker, NodeIterator, insertAdjacentHTML, createContextualFragment, MutationObservers, H/W acceleration, DOM avoidance, Caching patterns, Perception
  4. Panel 4: Responsive Layout
    Keywords: Seamless IFRAMEs, CSS regions, CSS3 fonts, CSS3 transforms, CSS filters, FT columnflow, Web components, Flexbox, Media queries
  5. Panel 5: Input
    Keywords: FT Fastclick, pointer.js, Pointer events, Speech input API, Console browsers, Leap motion, Kinect hacks
  6. Panel 6: Privileged access
    Keywords: Chrome packaged apps, Phonegap, W3C Widgets, Device API access control
  7. Panel 7: Testing and tooling
    Keywords: Chrome DevTools, Adobe Edge, Jenkins, Selenium, Eggplant, Webdriver