Tips for using window in JavaScript

In web browsers, window refers to an object that contains the global variables. This blog post explains how it works and when to use it.


Unicode and JavaScript

Update 2013-09-29: New sections 4.1 (“Matching any code unit”) and 4.2 (“Libraries”).

This blog post is a brief introduction to Unicode and how it is handled in JavaScript.


The ECMAScript Internationalization API

The ECMAScript Internationalization API is a standard JavaScript API that helps with tasks related to internationalization: collation, number formatting, date and time formatting. This blog post gives a brief overview and points to more reading material.


OS X: kill all Google Chrome tabs from the shell

If there are a lot of tabs open in Google Chrome, it tends to become slow. Killing tabs by hand, via the Task Manager helps, but is tedious. The following bash script (by Sindre Sorhus) lets you conveniently kill all open tabs from the shell (OS X only):


Data in prototype properties

Update 2013-09-14: New sections 1.2, 2 and 3.

This blog post explains when you should and should not put data in prototype properties.


JavaScript’s type system

This blog post examines JavaScript‘s type system. It answers questions such as: Is JavaScript dynamically typed? Weakly typed? What is coercion?