Printing Markdown files on GitHub

GitHub displays Markdown files so nicely, it’s a shame there is no print view where all the toolbars etc. are hidden. Note that printing doesn’t necessarily mean that paper is involved. For example, on Mac OS X, you can print to PDF files.

This blog post explains three ways of printing Markdown files that are hosted on GitHub:


JavaScript gains support for SIMD

Update 2017-02-28: SIMD.js has been proposed as an ECMAScript feature and is currently at stage 3. The proposal is online.

Recently, a new JavaScript feature has landed for the next Firefox Nightly: an API for SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data). This blog post explains how the API works and how it fits into the JavaScript landscape.


ECMAScript 6: the new array methods find() and findIndex()

Update 2014-05-08. Newer version of this post: “ECMAScript 6’s new array methods

Two new Array methods (proposed by Rick Waldron) are in the latest ECMAScript 6 specification draft:

This blog post describes them.


ParallelJS: data parallelism for JavaScript

Updates: JavaScript is still a very sequential language. That is slowly changing. This blog post describes ParallelJS, an effort to bring data parallelism to JavaScript.


Using strict mode in the Node.js REPL

If you want to use strict mode [1] in the Node.js REPL, you have two options.


Why are there so many array-like objects in the DOM?

Tweet by Leon Arnott:
#TIL the reason the DOM has so many "array-like objects" that aren't functional arrays… is because in Javascript 1.0, there were no arrays.