Repeating strings efficiently

Recently, Michael Ficarra pointed me to an efficient algorithm for repeating a string several times. In this blog post, I explain how it works.


Binary bitwise operators in JavaScript

This blog post describes JavaScript’s binary bitwise operators: bitwise And (&), bitwise Or (|), and bitwise Xor (^).


The new operator implemented in JavaScript

Code snippet – this is roughly how you would implement the new operator in JavaScript:


ECMAScript 6: TC39 meetings, March–November 2013

TC39 [1] is the committe that currently plans ECMAScript 6 (code-named ECMAScript.next), the next version of the JavaScript language standard. In this blog post, I’m summarizing the highlights of several meetings that they had in 2013, in March, May, July, September and November. Previous blog posts summarized prior meetings.

This post is made possible by Rick Waldron’s excellent notes of the meetings.


ECMAScript 6: merging objects via Object.assign()

New version of this blog post: inside “ECMAScript 6: new OOP features besides classes”.

Copying all properties of one object to another one is a common operation in JavaScript. This blog post explains ECMAScript 6’s implementation of it, which is called Object.assign().


Evaluating JavaScript code via eval() and new Function()

This blog post examines how one can dynamically evaluate code in JavaScript.


Web platform: five technologies to look forward to in 2014

This blog post describes five technologies that will make 2014 an exciting year for the web platform:
  1. asm.js: near-native performance on the web
  2. ParallelJS: parallelized JavaScript code
  3. ECMAScript 6 (ES6): evolving the language, uniting the community
  4. Web Components: a standard infrastructure for widgets
  5. CSS Grid Layout: native-like GUI layout