Firefox Electrolysis (one process per tab) is back

Electrolysis (e10s) [1] is a project to add a one-process-per-tab architecture (similar to Google Chrome’s) to Firefox. It was put on hold [2] in early 2012 and is now being resumed.

Quoting a post on the mozilla.dev.platform Google Group:

e10s is a priority for Mozilla’s engineering management and they are dedicating more help to make it happen. We’ve picked up some Firefox Metro engineers looking for new homes, new engineering manager, a Google Summer of Code student, and a gfx contractor. So expect to see more progress and more review requests.

You can check out recent improvements in Firefox Nightly:

You can test e10s in its own window, like Private Browsing, using the Nightly channel’s "File > New e10s Window" menu item.


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