Video: JavaScript coding tips

The following video is a recording of the talk “JavaScript coding tips”, which I held 2014-05-16 at the Sud Web Conference in Toulouse, France.


How should I format the ECMAScript 6 generator asterisk?

[Update 2015-03-30] This blog post is now a section in “ES6 generators in depth”.

The asterisk (*) is used by ECMAScript 6 to mark generator-related constructs [1]. In each case, you have considerable freedom w.r.t. adding or omitting whitespace before and after this character. This blog post explains how to best format the asterisk and why.


Using ECMAScript 6 today

This blog post is outdated.

Read my book, instead (free online!): “Exploring ES6

ECMAScript 6 (ES6) still sounds like something from the future. After all, it will only become a standard by mid 2015. However, its features are continually appearing in browsers and there are compilers that translate ES6 code to ES5 code. The latter is already a compelling solution, because the ECMAScript 6 feature set is already frozen.

This blog post gives a brief overview of ECMAScript 6 features and describes tools that enable you to use them today.