Symbols in ECMAScript 6

Symbols are a new primitive type in ECMAScript 6 [1]. This blog post explains how they work.


ECMAScript 6: new OOP features besides classes

This blog post is outdated. Please read chapter “New OOP features besides classes” in “Exploring ES6”.

Classes [2] are the major new OOP feature in ECMAScript 6 [1]. However, it also includes new features for object literals and new utility methods in Object. This blog post describes them.


One JavaScript: avoiding versioning in ECMAScript 6

What is the best way to add new features to a language? This blog post describes the approach taken by ECMAScript 6 [3], the next version of JavaScript. It is called One JavaScript, because it avoids versioning.


Meta programming with ECMAScript 6 proxies

This blog post is outdated. Please read chapter “Metaprogramming with proxies” in “Exploring ES6”.

This blog post explains the ECMAScript 6 (ES6) feature proxies. Proxies enable you to intercept and customize operations performed on objects (such as getting properties). They are a meta programming feature.