Configuring Babel 6

Update: This series of blog post has been turned into the book “Setting up ES6” (which is free to read online).

Babel 6 is much more configurable than Babel 5, but also more difficult to configure. This blog post gives tips.



ES proposal: string padding

The ECMAScript proposal “String padding” by Jordan Harband & Rick Waldron is part of ECMAScript 2017. This blog post explains it.


ES proposal: Object.entries() and Object.values()

The following ECMAScript proposal is at stage 4: “Object.values/Object.entries” by Jordan Harband. This blog post explains it.


The TC39 process for ECMAScript features

This blog post explains the so-called TC39 process, which governs how ECMAScript features are designed, starting with ECMAScript 2016 (ES7).


Synchronous and asynchronous sequential execution of functions

This blog post examines three ways of executing function sequentially:

  • Synchronously
  • Asynchronously, via Promises
  • Asynchronously, via the library co