Three ways of understanding Promises

This blog post covers three ways of understanding Promises.


Tips for using async functions (ES2017)

This blog post gives tips for using async functions. If you are unfamiliar with them, you can read chapter “Async functions” in “Exploring ES2016 and ES2017”.


ES proposal: asynchronous iteration

The ECMAScript proposal “Asynchronous Iteration” by Domenic Denicola is currently at stage 3. This blog post explains how it works.


ES proposal: Rest/Spread Properties

The ECMAScript proposal “Rest/Spread Properties” by Sebastian Markbåge is currently at stage 3. It enables:

  • The rest operator (...) in object destructuring. At the moment, this operator only works for Array destructuring and in parameter definitions.

  • The spread operator (...) in object literals. At the moment, this operator only works in Array literals and in function and method calls.