Coming up: a redesign of 2ality

I’ll soon migrate 2ality to a different hosting solution. This blog post tells you what you need to know.

Check out the preview

For readers, not much changes

These are the major changes:

  • The URLs stay the same, but the domain 2ality.com will become the default, whereas it was www.2ality.com up to now (www will forward to the default).
  • The new design is cleaner and simpler and responsive. It should work better on mobile devices. It also provides a stable foundation for future enhancements.
  • The RSS feed will continue to be at feeds.feedburner.com/2ality. The switch should go smoothly; in case there are problems, you now know why.

A few more details

I’ve been meaning to move away from Blogger for years. I’ve always wanted the site to be statically generated, but the last pieces only fell into place over the last year:

  • Using isomorphic React for static site generation significantly simplified my code.
  • I’m hosting the site on Amazon S3, because it’s relatively cheap and because I’m familiar with it.

I’m working on a blog post explaining more of the technologies behind the new approach and why I changed things. Stay tuned.